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Services Tall Order Promotions Offer

At Tall Order Promotions we offer you a range of  thousands of branded promotional gifts and work wear (including uniforms).

We are an enthusiastic team that offers you expert advice throughout the entire process of selecting and ordering your promotional items.We give our business customers one to one personal advice either in person or over the phone. We can even supply a sample free of charge, but this will depend on the size of your order.

Getting the right promotional product for you and your company is key to maintaining the visibility of your brand. We ask you the right questions to help you find the right gift for your end user.

Our extensive experience in supplying promotional gifts an work wear means we can help you find alternatives that fit in with your brand values. Do you need a carbon neutral product? We’ll help you find the right gift. Do you want a product that has been made out of recycled material? We can help there too.

If you’re looking for a bespoke item then we have a good record of sourcing the most unusual items from remote control cars to a hot air balloon!

All our gifts and work wear are sourced from reputable and established suppliers. Our buying power means we can negotiate a great price for you too. We like to put our customers first!

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We looked up the word ‘SERVICE’ and it said – “a system that provides something needed”

We could fill the whole website full of services that we know Tall Order Promotions can offer you but unless we can offer you something that benefits your business and/or something needed it wouldn’t be much use.

Here are just a few services that may help you:

IDEAS – we can offer 1000’s of different promotional products, everything from a personalised pen to a branded space hopper.  If you have a marketing campaign or just looking for something to give out at an exhibition  

We can help you by  – coming with the ideas for you, this will save you time searching on the internet or looking through brochures.  Leaving you more time to work on your own business.

INNOVATION – the promotional gift industry is always coming up with new and quirky ideas or taking what is popular on the high street to make it work in the corporate merchandise world

We can help you by – letting you know what’s new if you don’t know what’s out there how can you search for it on the internet?  We can keep you informed, be the first to give out that new promotional branded giveaway.  This helps to get you talked about and remembered.

ADVICE – with our experience we can help guide you to what works well with your brand / your logo.  

We can help by – If you are looking to speak to a company redesigning a new logo, speak to us first.  We can advise you on what works with embroidery, what works on personalised printed gifts – in other words, save you some money in the future!  Our advice is FREE

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A Service With A Smile

ONE TO ONE – sometimes sending emails and speaking on the phone doesn’t always work, especially when discussing proofs.

We can help by – calling out to your office and going through everything with you.  This helps put your mind rest and builds a working relationship. It’s always good to work with people you know, like and trust.

SAMPLES – whether it be corporate clothing, workwear, promotional gifts, calendars, or diaries we can organise samples.

We can help by – letting you see before your buy.  Many items we can supply FOC.  Not always but we look at this at the time because each request is different.

CORPORATE WEAR & WORKWEAR – when you have all shapes and sizes to cater for it can be difficult making sure what you have ordered will fit.

We can help by – whether it be for a corporate golf day or a uniform for your staff, once you have decided on the garments we can come in with every size and let your colleagues/staff try them on so you know exactly what size to order.  Saving you money, time and disappointment.

BESPOKE – this does tend to be quantity lead but if you want something completely different or bizarre we can have it made specifically for you. Whether it be a uniform to your own design or a weird shaped mug we can get it made.

We can help by – saving you the time searching for a manufacturer or coming up with the ideas.  We would come along and discuss what you have in mind and then take it from there.  Making you stand out from the crowd.

TAILOR MADE TO YOU – we work how you want us to work. Whether you want to be sent e-shots on a regular basis or just a phone call once a year.

We can help – because we will ask you, what suits you best?

BULK STORAGE – If you cannot wait for a polo shirt because you have a new starter or have an important meeting dropped on you where you need to have 10 branded conference folders. Order in bulk and we can store it for you waiting for your call off

We can help – because this saves money.  The more you order the cheaper it is and at the moment we can offer this facility FOC. The only extra would be the carriage from us to you and if local we would personally deliver – Free of Charge.

We have many more services that we are sure will help and benefit you.  Please call us on 01922 412116……

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